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    Company Add: Building LOFT-A-8, Lvdi Business Town, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

    Factory Add: Tangzhang Industrial Park, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

    Contact: Manager Li

    Tel: +86-516-83791000


    Fax: +86-516-83206178

    E - mail: sales@xzfengcai.com


    Xuzhou Fengcai Textiles Co., Ltd.(Xuzhou Fengcai Knitting Co., Ltd.) is located in Tangzhang Industrial Zone of Xuzhou City, covering an area of 20mu. Currently, it has over 100 employees and annual output of 2000 tons. It enjoys beautiful environment and superior geographical location, with national road 206, national road 104, Jing-fu highway, Jing-hu highway and Jin-pu railway nearby or across. And it is only 20kilometers to Xuzhou Guanyin Airport. Its office addres is in Lvdi Business town of Xuzhou New City. Insisting on tenet of “develop on quality development, win reputation on integrity, guarantee service on high-efficiency, win market share on innovation”, our company is well recognized by wide colleagues and our products are highly praised by wide users. In order to meet market requirements, our company will introduce advanced equipments and recruit talents to realize full development.

    Our company has Britain, German, Hong Kong and Taiwan advanced weaving, dyeing and after-treating equipment. And we are professional in manufacturing of velvet, toweling, including plain color, color stripe, printing, jacquard weave, spandex, bamboo fiber, organic cotton and pure polyester series. In addition, we make efforts to promote comprehensive management level to assure wide customers of superior quality products and sincere service. Xuzhou Fengcai Textiles Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes wide friends to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation.

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